Real estate & property management

Real Estate & Property Maintenance

Are you looking for reliable company for all your garage door repairs & servicing? Look no further than Westside Garage doors.

We specialise in all residential garage door installation, service and repair and parts. We always provide fast turnaround service, repairs and motor replacement at unbeatable prices.

We offer full reports for home owners and direct communication to tenants, landlords and property managers to always streamline the entire process. 

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We only choose top quality makes and brands when it comes to all garage door installations and offer unbeatable prices.


All Servicing

We offer complete servicing for all makes and model garage doors get in touch with us today for an unbetable quote.


All Repairs

We offer a complete range of all repair services for all makes and model garage doors.

Residential Garage Doors

Westside Garage doors specialises in  reliable garage doors, automated gates, professional servicing and repairs.

Real Estate & Property Maintenance

Our garage doors preventative maintenance services and breakdown repairs and reporting are second to none.

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